The extraordinarily low rates of 2020-2021 were a response to the pandemic. Unless something equally devastating happens, we are not likely to see them again. There's another opportunity you could miss today.

Homebuyers waiting for tomorrow's lower rates may miss out on today's prices.

Home prices are rising at a slower pace than before. If rates fall and the market heats up, prices are likely to soar. The cost of rates today may be lower than the cost of price increases later. Buying the home you can afford now – even if it's not the one you want forever – can work in your favor.

You'll build equity through your regular payments and any value increases. Should rates fall, you can put equity earned toward another purchase or a favorable refinance.

Nobody can tell the future. Remember the plans we made in 2019?

Yet, history offers homebuyers two important lessons:

  • Real estate values typically grow over time.
  • People who purchased homes at rates much higher than today's still benefitted in the long run.

Bottom Line

We have programs to help first time buyers and repeat buyers move into new homes no matter the rate environment.

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