Asset Depletion Loan Program

Asset Depletion Loan Program

Get the loan you need from the assets you own!

Many buyers with established credit and financial stability hit snags under traditional underwriting guidelines. At Greenway Mortgage, we can use asset depletion to help borrowers with significant assets such as funds in a bank, investment, or retirement accounts meet ratio guidelines successfully.


  • Borrowers that have accumulated assets over the years and plan on using those funds to cover all or part of their housing payment each month 
  • A borrower with little to no income but significant assets 
  • A borrower who is retired or soon to be retired 

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  • This program is available to borrowers aged 62 or older  
  • Mortgage is secured by a 1-or 2-Unit Primary Residence or Second Home
  • Purchase or No Cash Out Refinance
  • Maximum Loan To Value 80% or 20% Down
  • Min FICO 620
  • Qualifications Based on Verified Liquid Assets*


  • Checking/Savings accounts, Money Markets, Certificate of Deposit (CD)
  • Investment accounts with stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs
  • 401(k), IRA, SEP, KEOGH may be considered depending on borrower’s age and any penalty applied for accessing funds in account


  • Borrowers must provide current and past monthly account statements, along with standard personal financial documents (e.g., tax returns, pay stubs if applicable), to demonstrate proof of assets.
  • Gift/Borrowed funds allowed
  • *Assets must be within the United States

Eligibility requirements, exclusions and other terms and conditions apply

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