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Here's what you need to know about Bank Statements and Deposits

Always provide ALL numbered pages of a bank statement

For example, while “Page 1 of 8” may be just a cover sheet, and “Page 8 of 8” may just be a blank page – an underwriter may not know that. Please include ALL pages of your bank statement to avoid confusion and delays.

Any deposit that’s not clearly identifiable as being from an employer can be subject to scrutiny

As a result, you may be asked to provide documentation to identify the source and purpose of these funds. Please have these ready!

Document your deposits

Get in the habit of making copies of all checks and deposit slips. Taking a picture on your phone is a great way to do this!

Be extra careful with cash

Don’t mix cash and checks together, in deposits or transactions. If you have to use cash, make sure you can document the source of the funds.

A transfer is treated the same way as a deposit

Whether its from your account or a gift from friends and family, its treated the same way as a deposit, and needs to be well documented.

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