Did you know that investment funds may be hiding in your mortgage? It's true! You may have more to invest than you think. 

A mortgage is the single largest liability most people ever assume. Do your realize its proper management is as important as for any investment?

30-Year vs 15-Year Loan

Which is best the best option? A 30-year or a 15-year loan? Many homeowners want to pay their home loan off as soon as possible, but the value of putting their money into long-term savings and investments often trumps a rapid amortization of principal.

Why pay down the balance on a home loan, only to borrow again later to pay for the kids' college?

The differential savings of a 30-year loan vs. a 15-year option can be put in a 529 plan instead. The result is tax-advantaged growth over time and no uncertainty of borrowing at a potentially high rate later.

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