What Is EHL

What is Emerald Home Loans (EHL)? 

EHL is a technology-based online consumer direct mortgage lender that provides clients with an individualized and engaging borrowing experience and philanthropizes a portion of revenue to their worthy causes on their behalf. 

Emerald Home Loans exists to: 

LEND: We value a consumer-focused experience, mortgage product, and program availability as well as fair and reasonable mortgage practices. 

EDUCATE: We understand the challenges of buying a home and securing a mortgage. Prospective and current homeowners want to know more about the mortgage process, what products are available and benefits of homeownership. EHL has a comprehensive educational platform. 

GIVE: We value the worthy causes of our clients and seek to help advance them through direct donations and other community-based activities. 

How does it work? 

Step 1

Go online to submit your information for pre-approval. Select one of our existing charities, or submit your own 501-c non-profit for consideration.

Step 2

Get approved and receive mortgage financing through one of our many programs.

Step 3

We’ll take care of the rest as a portion of revenue gets donated to your worthy cause!


Interested in learning more about Emerald Home Loans? Call (833) EHL-1234 to speak with an EHL lending professional today!